Summer 2016 Songs

It's slow going getting another photo shoot together, so in the meantime I found a few new favorite summer songs and added them to older songs that make me think of summer. And I had also been reminded recently that I love Coke Slushies. Summer 2016 songs: Die...

Breanna Marie

Editorial Magazine March 2016. Model: Breanna Marie Retouching: Natalia Stoker Model: Melissa Jean Retouching: Stephanie Robinson

Sarah Maple

A photoshoot that was booked, oddly enough, through Myspace. There was a bit of a long wait outside Penn Station, and Sarah & I managed one photo before we got separated and couldn't call each other with my old phone because her phone had a weird British number....

Audrey Zak

An unusual shoot, even for me. Photoshoot and editorial with Audrey Zak. Model: Audrey Zak Makeup: Joesphine Perrone Hair: Angela Frenkel Wardrobe: Susan Kimani Retouching: Eugene Pinegin

Irina Shilova

Fashion test on location in New York. It was based out of a hotel room I rented and spent the night in. A lot of running in and out with hair/makeup and wardrobe changes for Irina. Model: Irina Shilova Hair/makeup: Kate McGinty Wardrobe: Melyssa White Retouching:...

Alesia Sushko and Fernanda Gorghulo

S Models Management test shoot. Later a second editorial in Tinsel Tokyo. Then later still, a photo of Alesia was on Fenton Moon’s boards after she signed with them. Models: Alesia Sushko and Fernanda Gorghulo Hair and Makeup: Alexandra Fairful and Tracey Hussey...

Tiffiney Cornish

An Art Nude shoot with Tiffiney at Frog Hollow Studios. It was good for another tear sheet. Model: Tiffiney Cornish Retouching: Stephanie Robinson Tearsheet: One page published in Editorial Magazine

Christine Prouty black and white film

Two images from a third and final shoot with Christine Prouty. She smoked at the time at least, and the Piranha was one of the stuffed animals I won from a few carnival games at Six Flags. Hair stylist: Hair By Chelsea.

Adriana Gerardino

Model: Adriana Gerardino Hair/makeup: Becky Lynn Loesch Retouching: Stephanie Robinson

Beauty editorial in Magpie Darling #27

Two part beauty shoot for Magpie Darling Models: Christine Prouty at Click and Alice Rausch at Major Hair/makeup for Christine: Dillon Pena Hair and makeup for Alice: Sasha Bay and Madison Mills Retouching: Inna...

Nina and Veronica

Editorial at Kevin Kane’s former studio in Brooklyn. While studios aren’t very common for me, it worked out great on this photoshoot. Models: Nina Kuznetsova at Red and Veronica at Orb Models Hair stylist: Laura Polko Makeup: Chi Chi Saito and Madison Mills Wardrobe:...

Natalia Osikova

A photoshoot that was intended for Bambi Magazine, that unfortunately was killed by too much drama from agency bookers, especially with regards to models posing nude that is very common in the industry, even more so in Bambi Magazine’s editorials. But I was able to...

Zinn Star

An Art Nude photoshoot with Zinn Star. Interesting way to start off a Summer. And no, there is no series of photos of models playing with a bubblegun.

Natalia Sinnikova editorial

Very good photoshoot on location. The highlights of this photoshoot were Natalia’s booker wanted her to leave this photoshoot and send her on castings that she may or may not have gotten booked for. So everyone who was out in the field started a mutiny and did this...

“Bunny Bombshell” Film Noir photo

Model: Bunny Bombshell. This was inspired by a Film Noir photoshoot that was published in American Photo. But that is no prop gun, we were in a seedy hotel with her very own Smith & Wesson.

Turn Magazine Winter 2011

Models: Christine Prouty and Julia Kristen Wardrobe: Angelina Scantlebury Hair and makeup: Yajaira Daniel and Liz Martin Retouching: Maurizio Iacono and Nancy Reyes Editing