Natalia Sinnikova editorial

Very good photoshoot on location. The highlights of this photoshoot were Natalia’s booker wanted her to leave this photoshoot and send her on castings that she may or may not have gotten booked for. So everyone who was out in the field started a mutiny and did this photoshoot anyway. We got the photographs, tearsheets, agency boards, and one of Natalia’s pics took front row center on Laura Polko’s website for a few years. Then during the photoshoot Natalia had to hide in a corner to change outfits. During one such time I was also changing rolls of film, and was focused on that when I heard Angelina say “really?!” and saw she was confronting an Eastern European man easily twice her size, who was holding a smart phone. I closed the lid on my camera and was fumbling to put it away while looking right at him, while Laura finished helping Natalia change, then she also bumrushed this guy and told him to give her his phone. She discovered that attempted pic was blacked out, not having time to snap the inappropriate pic of Natalia he tried to get.

Model: Natalia Sinnikova

Wardrobe: Angelina Scantlebury.

Shoes provided by John Ashford

Hair: Laura Polko

Retouching: Maurizio Iacono